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Qbic Construction has a network of architects, engineers and designers available to design presentation drawings, 3D renderings and construction plans, among other services. Our specialists will help you create the perfect vision for your project, regardless of scope or complexity. The key to our success is listening to our clients’ needs and providing them with judicious advice.

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The most difficult task in the realization of your project is getting it off the ground.

To help, the Design team at Qbic Construction offers everything from presentation drawings for city permits, to 2D and 3D proposed renderings for your approval; from design development and detailed plans, to the full set of construction plans needed to build.

In addition, we offer an interior design service to assist you in choosing architectural elements, materials, colours, and textures for your project.

We complement this service by helping you select the best furniture, equipment and accessories for a complete and worry-free design experience.

Qbic | Design | Conception

Project viability

Qbic | Design | Conception

Design planning and procurement play a significant role in any new construction and renovation project.

Next to construction, this is the largest project expense for most clients.

We help you determine whether your project is viable prior to incurring/encumbering any unnecessary cost by providing you with pre-construction estimates.

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