Qbic | Construction

Qbic Construction will assist you in defining the scope of work, establishing realistic timelines, and will provide detailed estimates for your project. Qbic will plan, coordinate, and manage the development from the outset through to project delivery.

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Qbic Construction is passionate about the quality of service provided to its clients.

Our vast network of contractors in Quebec and Ontario ensures that each client receives the localized expertise and attention needed to facilitate the successful completion of their specific project.

Our attention to detail and responsive approach are the reasons our clients opt to work with us again and again!

Qbic | Construction

Pre-construction Services Qbic

Qbic | Construction

Qbic applies knowledge of construction services and current market conditions to propose solutions, evaluate alternatives, review constructability, provide early pricing estimates, and offer advice to the project stakeholders. As a result of this early collaboration.

Qbic incorporates the required materials, systems, and elements into construction documents to efficiently and safely build the project without impacting its functionality, quality, or design aesthetic.

Construction Services

To ensure that your construction project is completed successfully, professional supervision is vital. Our services during the development help you to reduce technical risks, prevent errors, control budgets and effectively keep to the planned schedule. We can also help you ensure that all documents, certificates and declarations are completed and issued correctly.

With our extensive experience covering all aspects of construction, we offer you the skills needed to provide a comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning service for all types of projects – regardless of the of size, complexity or location.

From inspection, certification, testing and verification through to project management we offer you the experience, expertise and resources you need to ensure your project is completed successfully – anywhere in Quebec and Ontario.

Qbic | Construction

Benefits of Qbic

Qbic | Construction

Qbic's accurate cost analysis, innovative and efficient construction plans, and enhanced schedule control during the pre-construction phase, will result in significant cost savings.

Our team of seasoned professionals provides additional constructability advice before the design develops into a workable plan.

In particular, Qbic weighs the advantage of overlapping different design stages to expedite the development of your project.

We provide the expertise required for a successful outcome, no matter the size or complexity of your project.

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